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April 02, 1912.  Titanic being escorted out into Belfast Lough for her sea trials.  The tug Herculaneum is to her stern & Hornby off her bow. April 02, 1912.  With Captain Smith at the helm, Titanic is escorted further out into Belfast Lough. April 05, 1912.  Here, Titanic has been dressed for the people of Southampton on Good Friday.  This was the only time she was decorated this way.

April 10, 1912.  Francis Browne (1st Class) took this photograph as he boarded the ship.  There were two covered gangways for the First and Second (pictured) Class passengers. April 10, 1912.  As Titanic steamed slowly away from White Star Dock, her displacement of water caused a nearby moored ship (New York) to break her moorings and swing out towards Titanic. New York's Stern can be seen in this picture as Titanic's passengers watch the tug control the situation and avert a collision. April 10, 1912.  American short story writer Jacques Futrelle stands outside the ship's gymnasium.  He had with him several unpublished stories, that were lost, as he perished in the disaster.  This is the ships boat deck.  Boat Number 7, behind Mr. Futrelle, was the first to leave the ship one hour after the collision, carrying just 27 mostly 1st class passengers and crew.  It had a capacity of 65.