Jock Black
Jock Black - 1929
     Jock: Before emigrating, lived on the family farm of Tiretigan, on the Kilberry Estate in Argyll, with his mother and six sisters (more).

Lord Methuen: Field Marshal Paul S. Methuen, 1845-1932. Commanding Officer 1st Division, 1st Army Corps in South Africa 1899-1900.  Governor of Malta, 1915-1919.

Sarah:  Jock’s youngest sister (more).

Dr. Livingstone:  The famous Scottish missionary and explorer who discovered the Victoria Falls in Africa.

Siege of Mafeking:   Mafeking was the capital of British Bechuanaland, S. Africa.      The British garrison, under Robert Baden-Powell, was besieged for 7 months in the Second Boer War; the garrison was relieved on 17th May, 1900. Robert Baden-Powell was the founder of the Boy Scouts in 1908.    He was later ennobled as Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell.

Maggie Blue:  A Campbeltown girl; friend of the family.

Sarah and Susy:  Two of Jock's sisters (more).

General Wachope[Wauchope]:  Another of the Commanding Officers in the Boer War.    I don't know where he was buried, but I expect he fell during the unsuccessful attack by the British on the Boer positions by the Modder River.

Lergnahension:  (I'm not sure of the spelling). Lergnahension was the place near Kilberry where their Parish Church was, and where Granny and family probably worshipped, and where the old psalm tunes were sung.

Granny's family were:

Lachie (Lachlan): who emigrated to Rhodesia before Jock did.     One of his grandsons is Lauchlan Glenn Black, MA, DPhil , who is an Oxford Professor.

Jock (John):    Writer of letter.   Was a member of the Kilberry Pipe Band (and renowned as one of their best pipers).    Never married.      He and Lachie were the first people to grow tobacco in S. Rhodesia.     He also farmed other crops, and, with a partner, ran a gold mine.      (It is alleged that when Jock died the partner diddled him out of his gold mine fortune!)

Marv:  Married an architect, Fred Corbishley, and lived in South Africa.  Very prosperous.     3 daughters - Lorna (d.), Ileene, and Duckie (d.)

Elsie:   Married Charles Macdonald, lawyer, of Dunglass Castle, Bowling. He was brother of Mrs. Charles Rennie MacKintosh (Margaret Macdonald, painter.)

Barbara:    Trained Nurse.     Served in both world wars in Q.As. (Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Mlilitary Nursing Service); twice mentioned in despatches in W.W.I., and decorated with A.R.R.C. (Associate of the Royal Red Cross) in Second World War.  Unmarried.

Margaret:  Trained nurse, at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Served as a Q.A. until she married in 1910 The Rev. John MacEchern.  Daughter Lorna MacEchern (my Great Aunt), and son Charles - my grandfather.

Susy: She married Dr. George Jubb, a Glasgow graduate, who practised first in Hartlepool and then in London, as a G.P.  He was also a qualified Barrister.  After he finished his medical studies, he thought he would like to go to work in India.  Someone told him that in India it was a good thing to be a Judge, so he returned to university and qualified in law.  However, before he got as far as India, he met Susy, and that was that; they never went to India.  One daughter, Maureen, now dead.

Dunkie: Duncan Black (also from Argyll).  Cousin of Lachie and Jock.

Sarah:  The youngest, and a bit of a tear-away.      It is alleged that on the night of the annual Kilberry Ball (at Kilberry Castle), if Sarah was lost, one looked behind the rhododendron bushes, usually successfully. She was engaged to an Argyll man who emigrated to USA or Canada, so after a bit Sarah set sail, but when she got there she changed her mind and sailed back.    She then married The Rev. David Baird, a United Free Church Minister.   (The U.F. church amalgamated with our Established Church of Scotland in 1929.).  4 children.

  • Dorothea (Dodo): who maried Alan Dunderdale.  Deceased.
  • Jim: now Sir James Baird; trained as doctor, joined Royal Army Medical Corps; with troops in North Africa and elsewhere in WW2.   Rose to Lt. General (head of) R.A.M.C., and was knighted.        Married.  Lives now in London.
  • Maurice:    Also trained as Dr. and served In Royal Naval Medical Service. Lives in Dunbartonshire.       Married.
  • Alastair:    Also a doctor, specialising in plastic surgery.      Emigrated to Vancouver and died a few years ago.  Married.



Runic: Built for White Star Line in 1889 as a livestock carrier, serving the Liverpool to New York route. Sold in 1895 to the
West India & Pacific Steamship Co. and renamed Tampican. In 1899 she was transferred to the Leyland Line.
In 1912, sold to Moss & Co., and immediately sold again to the South Pacific Whaling Co and renamed Imo.
It was then used as a whale oil tanker. In 1917, she collided with the French munitions ship Mont Blanc, in Halifax.
20 minutes later the Mont Blanc exploded and leveled the town of Richmond. 1,635 were killed and 8,000 were injured.
The Mont Blanc was completely destroyed, but the Imo somehow survived with minimal damage. In 1918 the Imo was renamed
Guvernoren. In 1920 she ran aground at the Falkland Islands in a heavy fog and was a complete loss.

[Runic information from the The History of the White Star Line and the International Mercantile Marine Web Site.]